Uncharted 4 Receives New Patch to Add PS4 Pro/ HDR Support and Other Features

Uncharted 4 HDR Support

Naughty Dog, developers of Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End has rolled out a new update that now upgrades the game to run with better visuals on the PS4 Pro console.

The update also adds HDR support to the game.

Sony has created a lot of hype around the PS4 Pro console, an improved version of the original Playstation 4. It is supposed to be much more powerful with better hardware and at least 39 different titles will be converted into high resolution when the Pro gets launched. All future games that are yet to be launched will support the powerful machine right out of the box. Uncharted 4 is one of the games that was in the list Sony released recently including many other AAA as well as indie titles.

Uncharted 4 HDR Support

The developers of Uncharted 4 are not only releasing the new patch to support PS4 Pro visuals with HDR support but it also includes improved audio quality, a new Classic mode, multiple changes to multiplayer matches and a host of other updates to the game. With the Classic mode, players will be able to experience the old school deathmatch combat in online matches with minimal items to make use of.

At the moment, the mode is being tested in the first beta and will be further tweaked in beta test two. It will start from November 11 onwards. Ranked changes that are part of the upgrade include invisible players in lobby who won’t be shown until match begins. Qualifier matches are mandatory only when you change from one rank to another and not when moving within Silver or Gold rank categories. If a player has too many networking issues that slow down the server and cause lag to others, you can kick them out.

Uncharted 4 New Patch

The patch note for Uncharted 4 released by Naughty Dog is rather long and you can read all the changes they have made to improve gameplay quality in their official blog. With a whole lot games getting the PS4 Pro treatment, players who already own the title may not think twice before purchasing the new console to experience how good their current titles look. Besides, they will also be able to play all new games with increased resolution, performance and better frame rates.

Xbox One S has been giving a tough competition for PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro with aggressive bundles, new games as well as cross platform play with PCs. Sony is going with its exclusive route and it continues to reap good results so far.

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