Overwatch Short Film To Feature Bastion This Time, Blizzard Confirms


Blizzard has been steadily building the world of Overwatch and giving its character meaningful back stories.

Bastion is going to be the center of attention in their next big short film.

The publishers have already launched four different short films and this one will be the fifth one for Overwatch. The third person shooter MOBA has already captured the hearts of millions. Thanks to its blazing fast gameplay, new skills and a constant load of updates being rolled out by the developers at Blizzard. Unlike Dota 2 or League of Legends, Overwatch is a much lighter title with an easy learning curve and is not much of a strategy game.

Anyone can buy the title and jump into the exciting world to shoot some enemies down. At the same time, Overwatch is quite competitive because of the slew of skills each hero has. One has to learn how to use them at the appropriate time and secure a kill. Almost all heroes in the roster has a short film of their own.

Blizzard has been releasing them one by one creating hype for the heroes. The fifth short film named The Last Bastion is about the story of the transforming robot. It focuses on the robot’s past and how it was reactivated after almost a decade. The machine undergoes transformation as it finds itself in an unfamiliar situation and soon learns the core combat system already programmed in it.

Overwatch Short Film To Feature Bastion This Time, Blizzard Confirms

If you are keen to check it out, tune into Blizzard’s official channel. For those who are lucky enough to be at Gamescom on the very same day, The Last Bastion will be streamed live on the show floor. The short film will be available on August 18th, both on the show floor and online. The developers have confirmed that they will be holding special tournaments at the show floor.

Gamescom 2016 will have Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch tournaments. Players who are good in any one of these titles can showcase their skills to a huge crowd. However, we also expect other MOBAs to be there especially to make ardent PC gamers happy. Apart from their short films, Blizzard has been releasing multiple comics, graphic novels and other content to slowly expand the Overwatch universe.

When players can connect with the characters they play, the game becomes more interesting. The rooster is pretty small with just 21 heroes but is expected to expand massively in the following years.

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