Sony Playstation Meet Confirmed For Sep 7, PS4 Neo Speculated

Sony Special Event

Sony has invited the press to attend their big event scheduled to take place on September 7th.

The event will take place in New York City and is possibly the venue where the company might take wraps of the PS4 Neo console.

The Neo has been speculated for many months now. Most assumed the brand would showcase it at the E3 2016 event. Much to the surprise of many Microsoft turned the crowd towards their show floor by announcing not just one but two different consoles. They confirmed the Xbox One S, a slimmer edition of the same console with more hard disk space, 4K video support and HDR capabilities.

Sony is bit late to the party even though we know for sure that the PS4 Neo is coming. It is no different from Xbox One S console. The hardware will be bit more powerful than the existing PS4 console. It will be able to easily render 4K videos, HDR and also support all games in 1080p resolution with 60 frames per second.

While Microsoft’s console is not going to bring any substantial difference to the gaming experience except for the high dynamic ratio, Sony is keen on making the PS4 Neo or the PS4.5 more powerful. It should give them time to prepare before PS5 can be announced. Xbox One Scorpio is already official and is touted to deliver amazing 4K gaming. That’s a huge claim to make and probably will make the console hardware exceptionally expensive.

Sony Playstation Meet Confirmed For Sep 7, PS4 Neo Speculated

But, this is the time to actually compete with PC as console manufacturers have understood that the lifetime of these gaming machines aren’t going to be too high as they used to be. Upping the hardware including graphics cards and processors is the first step towards offering an ultra-rich gaming experience.

Most titles on current generation PS4 and Xbox One console struggle to deliver them in 1080p resolution. Game developers are highly constrained by this issue which Microsoft has already addressed and we hope Sony follow the path.

The big New York event is going to be live streamed throughout the globe allowing players to enjoy the launch from the convenience of their homes. Get ready to be amazed and we really hope that the PS4 Neo will have some additional features so as to distinguish itself from the Xbox One S console. Playstation 4 nearly won this generation console wars but can they repeat it again?

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