Overwatch Will Kick You Out If You Have Too Many AnasAttacking You

Overwatch Kick off

There is a funny bug in Overwatch now related to the newly released sniper healer Ana. The particular hero has gained so much attention.

It is surprising to see as to why Ana became so popular in such a short time. The reason is probably there weren’t any big launches in Overwatch recently. Players decided to make the most out of whatever they get. After all, things started getting repetitive with just twenty heroes to choose from and limited maps. The modes got better with the introduction of the Competitive mode, where things heat up like never before.


Overwatch took a new turn with competitive mode. There is now a limit on the mode where one team can’t have the same hero twice. No such rules exist in the casual mode where you can bombard the entire team with any character of your choice. Things go chaotic in the casual mode though when you manage to pick three Ana sniper healers at once.

The character has a special sleep dart which puts the opponent into sleep. It is supposed to make the enemy unconscious for a few seconds. If there are three Anas in the same game, you can pick the enemy and make it sleep for a long time. By the time one is done, the other will have her power ready to cast it again.

When any player is idle for too long, they are usually kicked from online servers. A similar bug in the game kicks the player out of the Overwatch casual match. It is possible only when you have multiple versions of the healer in the same match. Without a tank, support and an aggressive attack, using an all-healer team is a bad idea. The enemy team may simply take you out in seconds. The possibility of losing is high. Besides, the developers at Blizzard will soon fix the bug.

A video has been posted on Reddit. It shows how the bug works. You can enjoy it as long as it lasts. PC gamers will receive updates much quicker when compared to the Xbox One and Playstation 4 console. Overwatch has been gaining momentum with new heroes. The development team has confirmed that they have new maps on the way.

Once the hero rooster grows with new characters, Blizzard may choose to limit players from picking the same players over and over again just like in DOTA 2 or LOL.

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