PS4 Game No Man’s Sky Doesn’t Need Playstation Plus For Multiplayer

PS4 No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is a completely new take on the gaming with an open world where you could create and explore universes. It is a PS4 exclusive title that isn’t coming to the Xbox One console.

If you are a PC gamer, you have nothing to worry about because No Man’s Sky is coming to Windows 10 PCs. The game took longer than expected to be readied. It will be launched three days late on PC, according to a new update.

While it is known that multiplayer plays a crucial role in making the title interesting, the developers speaking to a gaming magazine confirmed that Playstation Plus is not mandatory. PS4 gamers have to have PS Plus in order to enjoy any multiplayer title like Battlefield 4 or Call of Duty series. It is an early subscription required to cover server costs. However, the developers of No Man’s Sky seem to have some new plans.

PS4 No Mans Sky

“Playstation Plus is not required to play the online version of No Man’s Sky. However, an internet connection is mandatory. Players should stay connected to the universal atlas world so they can explore different worlds created by one another. It is a never ending journey and the game just grows in size, with every passing day,” said a spokesperson from the company.

The Atlas is an open world compendium where players have to put in their best and discover new planets. The first one to make the discovery will earn the highest rewards while others will share the loot with other players.

With such a huge galaxy, it is not difficult to have your own planet in No Man’s Sky. The developers are confident that the PS4 hardware will be able to handle it with ease. For PCs, there is nothing to comment on as those who can spend more can enjoy the best visual fidelity in the game.

The developers have managed to skip Playstation Plus subscription for the multiplayer campaign because it is not an actual multiplayer mode. It is a place where everyone gathers and makes discoveries but they won’t be competing with each other in real time as done in first person shooters or strategy titles.

No Man’s Sky is scheduled to arrive on PS4 platform and PC on August 9th. With such weeks to go, we can’t wait to see how good the game is which balances the best of trading, conquering and fighting in the same galaxy.

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