Own an iPhone 7! Here are the 5 Must-have Apps for You

iPhone 7 ProCam 4

Whenever a new iPhone is released, it comes along with a new iOS release too.

So when a user buys a new iPhone, it is obvious that it is always more than just buying a new hardware. It is almost like stepping into an entirely new world, which in a few cases is something which no one else will ever be able to experience in the past. With the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus, more or less settling in slowly, it is high time for the users to take stock of all the apps that should be taken advantage of in coordination with the new features of the iPhone 7 along with the old features. There are a few apps that are present across all the categories, which range right from the productivity apps to the apps for entertainment, and from media apps to the unforgettable sticker apps, which are all an absolute must-have on the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models.

iPhone 7 ProCam 4

  1. ProCam 4

The camera is definitely one of the biggest changes that have been made with the iPhone 7, especially with the iPhone 7 Plus which has not just one but two of them. So, it is very obvious that any “best iPhone 7 apps” list will begin with a camera app. To be fair enough and not biased towards a better camera phone, we have to list out a camera app that works on both the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus.

Though the very own in-built camera app of the iOS is good enough for the beginners, for instant captures, the photography fans will prefer an app which will take them as close as possible to the DSLRs. In that realm, the ProCam 4 remains the favorite of many users. The app comes with all the knobs and the buttons which are present on a digital camera and then there are some features which allow shooting in RAW. For the iPhone 7 Plus owners, even 3D photos can be clicked with this app.

  1. VLC

Every iPhone is a powerhouse for multimedia, and the new iPhone 7, which apart from the removal of the headphone jack, is for sure not going to back out in any way. Though everyone has their own favorite video player, VLC is the one name that is probably the strongest media player across all the platforms. This practically means that the users will get the same experience along with the same support for nearly all the formats, wherever VLC has been installed.

iPhone 7 VLC App

The one best feature of VLC which makes it better than many other video players is its Wi-Fi sharing feature. This feature allows the users to add videos to the VLC app even if iTunes or a USB cable is not available, as long as the source computer and the iPhone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

  1. Built-in Music App

This might just be a cop out for the music lovers who are very particular about teeny detailing, but, otherwise, anyone who has been sucked into the music empire of Apple already, this is possibly the only place to get what is desired. From all the files that are locally stored to the streaming of music to online radio, the Music app of iOS offers everything. It is almost a perfect app, except for that one ironical flaw which is the most obvious one on the iPhone 7. The Music app lacks a landscape mode, which is considered as a shame keeping in mind the iPhone 7 which comes practically with stereo speakers, one at the top and the other at the bottom.

  1. Launch Center Pro

Since version 8, the iOS has been having notification widgets, but the iOS 10 has really put the spotlight on them now, especially in the way that they are now available right there from the lock screen. Well, it is high time to give the widgets some serious thought, especially with the new focus on them.

Amongst all the power users, the Launch Center Pro is the one which is used the most. It practically gives the user a mini launcher, which is right there on the notification panel. Because of its pairing with the other even more powerful apps like Pythonista, the user can launch almost anything from anywhere. In spite of this advantage, the Launch Center still respects all the security settings, so the user will not find the iPhone unlocking suddenly just because an app was launched from the lock screen.

  1. Stickers

Stickers App iPhone 7

Who can forget about the stickers! Actually, there are some who might actually be dying to just forget them. But, as of now, they are too novel and it would be ridiculous to pass them up without a mention. So, the best sticker pack for iMessage is probably all of them.

There are plenty of stickers which are available for every occasion, according to the theme, and taste of the user. There are so many tastes which can be pretty weird and still there is no shortfall of the relevant stickers. So the users will not have to stick to just one but can try them all, of course, as long as their wallet is supportive. There is an iMessage sticker for everyone that ranges from Mario to Disney to Trump and Hilary.