WWE 2K17 DLC to Add the Goldberg Pack to its Series of Legends along with Other Enhancements    

WWE 2K17 DLC Goldberg Pack

In a recent announcement, the WWE team announced the Goldberg pack was obtainable as a pre-order bonus.

However, there have been complaints from a few gamers who opted for this that the legend was not available in their downloads. According to a Twitter report, the many times champion Goldberg is now being made available for sale from the second week of November 2016 for a very nominal price. World Champion Bill Goldberg will enter the WWE Hall of Famers in the 2K17 version of the game to compete with Sting, the Ultimate Warrior, Arnold Schwarzenegger and other heroes. About his entry into the roster, the legend said in an interview that it was an honor for him to be included.

WWE 2K17 DLC Goldberg Pack

Appearance in Two Versions

As with other legends, Goldberg is primarily intended for fighting with other wrestlers. Interestingly, this character will make his presence felt through two versions in the game. One version represents the wrestler who appeared for WWE and is bound to remind players of his combats with other wrestling champions like Brock Lesnar, Triple H and The Rock. The other version is related to the actual player’s duration in WCW. This was the period when he shot to fame and became one of the most prominent personalities in the professional wrestling arena. You can play both versions of the legend in the same game.  

Tips to Unlock the Powerful Goldberg Legend

There are some simple steps that users who preordered the roster can try to unlock this character if they did not receive it. While there is no complete assurance that these steps will work, users can always give them a try.

If you are using a PS4, then you can check out the Download List in the PlayStation Store. The required files are most likely to be there. Once you locate them, you can go ahead with the manual download followed by installation of Goldberg. Xbox One users can check out for the pack in the Manage Game sub-section under the Games section. Alternatively, if you placed the preorder through Amazon, you can check your email for a code and redeem it to include the legend. If you are not able to find this, try contacting the Amazon support team for assistance. When you download the game, look out for a “Waiting to Install” indication near the Goldberg character in the Downloads section. If you find such a notification, then you can be assured that you will have to explicitly download and install the Goldberg file manually on your own.

When you have tried various methods and nothing works, you can always get in touch directly with the WWE team. They will be able to help you out of your problem.

Customizing the Bill Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar Match on PS4

While it will not be possible to play this match till the actual Survival Series 2016 is done, fans can create such a situation by customizing the match. The only prerequisite is that you must have unlocked the Goldberg legend to make it playable through a DLC. To check if the unlocking has been done correctly, search for Goldberg in the eStore. If the search yields any accurate results, then you can be sure of correct unlocking. According to a Mobipicker report, pitting the two characters is as simple as choosing a one on one match between them.

Mixed Opinions about the Goldberg Legend

There are mixed opinions among WWE fans about the getting to play with the Bill Goldberg legend. One group of people is tremendously happy about being able to play as the champion before his upcoming return match against Brock Lesnar. Yet, another group is upset that the legend is being made available for sale soon after they received their preorder bonus. This is because they feel that they should have their bonus exclusive to themselves for doing a preorder. A user commented that if incentives of people who preordered the game are going to be accessible to everybody, there is no point doing such an order.

WWE 2K17 DLC roster

Other Changes Made Along with the Goldberg Character

The new WWE 2K17 DLC roster also features two extra arenas that are connected to the Georgia native. They are named the WCW Monday Nitro and the WCW Halloween Havoc. While the first glimpse of the roster a few months back did not show new participants, a later report indicated that there will be an inclusion of 10 new wrestlers in the Future Stars and Legends packs. A totally new pack known as Hall of Fame Showcase will also find its way into this DLC roster. This pack will encompass the participation of various WWE superstar legends in unforgettable encounters.

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