PES 2017 Beats FIFA 17 To Claim Exclusive Rights To FC Barcelona


The tides have turned as PES 2017 has managed to strike a three-year exclusive agreement with FC Barcelona.

FIFA 17 can no long have content related to the team including the famous Barca stadium.

For many years in a row, FIFA series excelled in holding tight to their copyrights. The Pro Evolution Soccer series had to make do with whatever content they could do with. In the past, the game never had many official team names or flags. Instead, they used similar titles and colors to let players know what they are dealing with. Electronic Arts had much better control over the football series.

However, everything is going to change with the era of PES 2017. The brand has ripped FC Barcelona, one of the best teams out of the FIFA 17 stable. The box art cover of the game features Messi and Neymar. The partnership also made it easier for the designers at Konami to come up with the best recreation of player faces. An exclusive image posted below will show how they made Messi into an animated player without missing even the slightest detail.

“We are not only going to use the visuals and the looks of a player but authenticity will be carried throughout the game. Right from the Player ID and the Team ID will be used to show how Messi would actually play in the game. The same applies to every other player in the team. We are doing our level best to capture the individual play styles,” said Konami.

PES 2017 Beats FIFA 17

FIFA 17 is going to bid goodbye to Camp Nou as PES 2017 now has exclusive rights to the Barca stadium. Some legendary Barca kits from past will be used in the game. The partnership allows a lot of things easy for Konami and they are pushing it to its boundaries. The legendary players in Barcelona will gain these kits in the MyClub career mode.

Konami is confident that they can introduce PES 2017 to audience around the globe and acquire gamers worldwide. The game is already the best in capturing moves, skills and offers a realistic experience. It’s not a simulator but still is close to one in terms of ball control, goals and field distance. The same cannot be said about FIFA 17 which focuses on arcade style gameplay.

With the realism in controls and authentic kits, Konami is excited about Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 like never before. It launches on all platforms on September 13th.

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