Porsche Is Going All-Electric With Mission E Car By 2020

Porsche E Car

It’s official! Porsche Mission E is confirmed and the concept car will soon go into production. But, don’t expect the model to be available for purchase at least until 2020.

The Mission E concept car from Porsche was originally revealed at the 2015 Frankfurt auto expo. Every car lover was excited when such a big brand decided to embrace the all-new electrified rage. Tesla were the pioneers behind this concept and now every last automobile manufacturer is catching up.

One of the biggest hurdles that companies had to face was to switch from a petrol engine to an electric motor but were supposed to deliver the same horsepower. Compromising on performance isn’t something their long time buyers would appreciate. The dilemma delayed Porsche, Ferrari, Mercedes among many others from adopting it. Porsche is going to break the chains and invest big time to build their very own electric car.

A huge new production plant is about to be constructed. The company will invest a massive undisclosed amount to revamp themselves for the new generation of cars. Volkswagen which is part of the project has already confirmed that they are going to launch the Phaeton saloon. It is an all-electric car but the Porsche Mission E model is going to be more powerful with the capability to deliver up to 592 horsepower.

Porsche Mission E

The new plant to design and produce the Mission E car will be constructed close to the Stuttgart site. It will include a dedicated assembly plant combined with a paint shop. Porsche believes that the manufacturing plant will ensure they could solely focus on electric cars and don’t have to slowdown production of the existing models.

Over 1 billion euros will reportedly be invested to make this possible. The amount is a speculated sum and Porsche might probably investing more so that they could get it all back in due time when electrified vehicles become the norm. The Porsche Mission E car will be a hypercar similar in the lines of the Panamera and 918 but with a more practical design.

A next generation 800-volt drive system will be used in the concept car. It comprises of two individual electric motors, a powerful battery with good mile range up to 310 miles on a single charge. The model will use an all-wheel drive system by default. It can go from 0 to 62 mph in 3.5 seconds according to initial reports.

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