PES 2017 Demo Is Coming To PCs, Includes Team Arsenal

PES 2017

Right after Titanfall 2 decided to skip open beta on PCs, PES 2017 is the next game which will not have a demo version on PCs.

Konami, developers of the Pro Evolution Soccer series confirmed that the demo version of PES 2017 will be available to play from August 24th onwards. With just a week to go, one can’t stop themselves from getting excited for the game. We are just kidding! There isn’t going to be any major change in the soccer title except for the new licenses Konami has acquired.

They have access to new kits, player faces, stadiums and voices. It will surely make PES a better game and bring it on par with the quality that Electronic Arts’ FIFA 17 offers. The developing team confirmed that PES 2017 demo will have nine different teams including Atletico Madrid, Germany, France, Barcelona, Arsenal, River Plate, Boca Juniors, Corinthians and Flamengo.

The publisher has warned that some players may be missing in the actual game due to licensing issues. While they have managed to secure licenses for majority of the teams including the popular Arsenal, there are still some that are yet to find its way into the Pro Evolution Soccer series.

PES 2017 Demo

On the other hand, Electronic Arts continue to make great revenue with FIFA series because of their official licenses. They have acquired almost every team in the world including their faces, kits, stadiums and has an amazing soundtrack. The gameplay which is more of an arcade title contributes further to its success. Any player could grab a controller and start playing the new FIFA 17 whereas PES 2017 will have a huge learning curve until you score your first goal.

In the demo version, Konami offers two different stadiums to play in – Neu Sonne Arena and Camp Nou. The game demo will be available on August 24th in Europe. Platforms included are Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.

It is surprising to see that new generation titles are getting launched on previous generation consoles even now. But, given the mediocre graphics and changes in the sports titles, it is an easy task to port them to old consoles despite the lack of hardware. Besides, a huge player base exists on those consoles that allows Konami and EA to cater to their requirements while making enough revenue to continue with the series’ yearly launch schedule. Items purchased in demo can be used in myClub.

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