Titanfall 2 Single Player Campaign Discusses The Human, Titan Conflict

Titanfall 2

Respawn Entertainment boss Vince Zampella commented that they almost gave up making a single player campaign for Titanfall 2.

The team didn’t give up and they have launched the first single player campaign trailer for the game. Instead of filling it up with guns, robots and wall crawling maps, they have pulled off something incredible. The conflict that exists between the pilot and the titan he uses in the battlefield.

While the multiplayer version had little focus on what the titans actually do, the solo campaign has given utmost freedom to the developers at Respawn entertainment. They have given it not just a voice but a whole new personality and AI that allows it to make decisions. Once a titan is allotted to a pilot, it is not supposed to be used by someone else. Prior permission is required but the video reveals that one robot goes against these rules.

It wages a treaty with a lost pilot who has no titan and they both team up to survive the epic battlefield. Titanfall 2 single player campaign is as futuristic as we expected it to be. At times, it reminds us of Call of Duty Infinite Warfare but both games are set in different worlds and comparing them doesn’t make much sense.

Titanfall 2 Single Player

A non-linear approach as confirmed by the game trailer and the developers sound like the best way to approach the world. Players have so much freedom in multiplayer battles where they could readily jump and run to reach a location. Such level of non-linearity is mandatory even though a solo campaign is never complete without a defined objective.

Respawn entertainment has managed to balance the best of both worlds and allowed players to choose their own path to complete the mission. There may not be decision making as in games like Mass Effect but the conflict between the pilot and the titan he uses is going to be there till the end.

The concept is established towards the end of the video when the titan says trust me and throws his pilot to a wall so far away. Can a pilot really trust a machine and take life changing decisions in the battlefield?

Probably this is the big question Titanfall 2 will answer in this single player mode and if done the right way, it might be the next big change since the time COD Modern Warfare set a benchmark for storytelling.

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