PES 2017Gets A 4-Minute FC Barcelona Trailer With Messi and Neymar

FC Barcelona Trailer

A brand new PES 2017 trailer is out and the developers have proudly confirmed that they have partnered with FC Barcelona.

One of the most prestigious teams in the world and has the best players including Messi, Neymar. Commemorating the tie up with the team, Konami has included their two star players along with Suarez on their PES 2017 box cover. Every year, both Electronic Arts and Konami publish their own football games.

While EA excels in licensed teams, soundtrack and career mode with its FIFA 17, PES 2017 stands apart when it comes to offering the most realistic football ever. It is more of a simulator and designed to appease the expectations of hardcore fans. While it is easy to learn how to play the game, it is quite hard to master it and score a goal.

PES 2017

After many years of waiting, Konami has finally started acquiring official licenses. It allows them to use original kits, uniforms and also make the player’s face look realistic. In PES 2017, the developers have pushed the limit to its best extent. They have created an amazing copy of Messi, Neymar among other top players in FC Barcelona.

The gameplay trailer released on their Youtube channel showcases the graphical improvements and gameplay changes they have made. It is a four-minute long video and easily one of the best because you could actually see how the controls work. Players look vivid and has realistic movement made possible by real time motion capturing technology.

With the official partnership, PES 2017 now features Messi, Neymar and a group of other players on its cover. The box art is the same for the both the PS4 and the Xbox One editions. You can take a look at them below.

Konami is getting ready to launch the game on September 15th this year. While the competition is going to be there as it has always been, PES 2017 now has a good advantage over FIFA 17 because of multiple licenses they have acquired in recent times. The only negative that we could find is the single player career mode which is usually too good to miss on Electronic Arts FIFA. If Konami has revamped it this time, they will steal the crown for being the best football game.

Will Konami outsmart EA this time? We can confirm once both games are out and we get the opportunity to review them.

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