Overwatch PC Version Buffs Ana and Modifies McCree To Balance Game

Overwatch PC Version Buffs Ana

Just a day ago, Blizzard managed to roll out an update for Overwatch on Xbox One and PS4 consoles.

The update was delayed by two weeks when compared to the PC version.

But, things are not going to stop because the objective is to make Overwatch balanced especially with its competitive mode around. The game is slowly growing into the professional choice and the first ever tournament is already ready to take place this year. Balancing heroes is an important job for developers.

They recently rolled out Ana, the sniper healer for Overwatch. The hero has been beefed up so that she is more powerful on the battlefield. The biotic rifle is Ana’s main weapon which had a very small magazine size of eight. Most players found it really tough to reload again and take part in an ongoing fight. Heeding to their needs, the developers at Blizzard have now increased the total magazine to ten from the previous eight.

Overwatch PC Version Buffs Ana and Modifies McCree

The fire rate has also been boosted by twenty percent allowing her to fire faster than she was. For a medic/ support character, the change might sound minimal on paper. However, in Overwatch every individual character matters. The fire rate will play a huge role in making Ana more powerful than she is now. Players can heal teammates much quicker especially with ten rounds and won’t have to reload much. Besides, she can also deal ongoing damage to enemies during team fights.

McCree is the next hero to receive changes in the new Overwatch patch. The PC patch has reduced the damage falloff range of the hero by 10 meters. If you want to deal full damage to an enemy, it is important to be as close as possible. The damage will still have an impact but it will be much less based on McCree’s distance from the enemy. The alternative fire has now an increased fire rate, which is 15 percent more than earlier.

Players who were really good with McCree could easily take out an entire enemy team because of his fire rate and distance. Overwatch developers had to nerf him in order to keep the game balanced and not annoy everyone on board. The new patch has also fixed some user interface related issues. The same patch will be rolled out to PS4 and Xbox One consoles but it is surely going to take its own sweet time to be out.

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