PES 2018 is Coming, Release Date and More Details Announced

PES 2018 Details

The big PES 2018 from Konami is about to come this year as it has always been to fight against the football mammoth Electronic Arts’ FIFA 18 is.

Konami has been making Pro Evolution Soccer every year with the best gameplay that you could possibly get and trying to acquire new licenses to keep the game interesting at every point. While FIFA 18 from EA will obviously have better graphics, storyline and a striking single player campaign that makes it the fan favorite, hardcore gamers would always love to spend time on their favorite PES series.

PES 2018

A product page has gone live on the Xbox website which confirmed the release date of the upcoming PES 2018 game. According to the listing found, the game will get launched on September 14th. It falls in line with all previous launches and there is no need to further check the credibility of the detail provided.

As with every year’s edition, this time it will feature a number of new features, better gameplay improvements to make it as realistic as possible and tackling methods to feed your soccer dreams. The game now features a strategic dribbling method which is to give players ultimate control over the ball and take it all the way till the goal without having to pass to a teammate. It all depends on your individual skills and how you can beat your AI opponents or maybe a friend.

Instead of going with the usual low profile presentation, Konami is going to make PES 2018 more family friendly with a cinematic presentation than younger kids will love. Bringing arcade soccer lovers on board has been a tough task that the new game could achieve. It includes new player images that resemble the looks of the original players, animations, facial expressions and player models.

When all are put together in the right bundle, Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 should be the best football you could get. It is also confirmed to include a co-op mode along with a tweaked and improved transfer system. The MyClub mode is still there along with all the other aspects of the game you have loved in all the older editions.

PES 2018 Details

Konami is yet to make an official announcement which will be soon. As the listings are already up on the Xbox website, it won’t be long before it comes to the Playstation page along with more screenshots that you could enjoy ogling at. After all, it’s PES 2018 versus FIFA 18 that is going to make the year interesting right?