Samsung Sells a Whopping 5 Million Galaxy S8 Phones in Just a Month

Galaxy S8

Samsung seems to have hit the jackpot once again with their flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Plus models.

Every year, a tough fight ensues in the world of smartphones between Apple and Samsung. Both companies have never failed to impress despite the technical or hardware issues that arise from time to time. And, every time Samsung will make their launch in the beginning of the year while Apple follows a schedule of bringing their phones out in the month of September or October.

Samsung Galaxy S8

According to the latest industry reports, Samsung has sold a massive 5 million units since their smartphones got launched. It is less than a month and achieving such numbers so early is no easy task. In terms of specifications and performance, the Galaxy S8 is easily an amazing phone that hardly has any particular negative point to talk about. The all-rounder phone has done an amazing job in satisfying both critics and buyers alike.

The report comes from specific regions where the Galaxy flagship phones have launched. Ever since it got launched on April 21st, the Samsung models have sold more than 5 million phones in the United States, Canada and South Korea. While other regions have the phone as well, they were launched recently and it may not make sense to compare them with these countries where it got launched nearly a month ago.

Despite all the good news, it looks like Samsung is not so impressed with what they have sold so far because the Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge released last year witnessed more sales than the new models. The same goes for the S6 as well which got launched in a time when people were immensely excited about what a smartphone could do. Times have changed and they are now an essential accessory that buyers go for only when they need to change the model they already own.

Galaxy S8

Galaxy S6 tops the list as the phone sold a massive 10 million models within the first month of its launch. Compared to the same, what the S8 achieved is very low profile. The Galaxy S5 sold even higher as it touched 11 million within 30 days since its official launch. Samsung is aware of changing times and tries their best to keep buyers excited for their future phones. Apple now is in a similar situation as their iPhone 8 has generated a lot of expectation and is said to launch in September.