Peugeot L750R Unveiled in PS4 Game Gran Turismo with Original Specs

Peugeot L750R

Automobile manufacturers share a special bond with game developers because games like Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo are the first choice to showcase concept models.

The new Peugeot L750R concept model is now available to drive in this video game named Gran Turismo, a Playstation 4 exclusive title. Launching new cars in the game first is a tradition that many automobile brands are following. The company previously launched the Peugeot L500R which was exclusive available on the Playstation 3 version of the same game.

Peugeot L750R Unveiled in PS4 Game

With the L750R, the manufacturers are evolving a notch further by providing the most powerful car in the virtual space. However, they have provided utmost attention to every detail including the specifications, performance and special features found in this concept model.

Under the bonnet, the car is powered by a hybrid powertrain capable of delivering a solid 740 horsepower. The petrol engine can produce 572 horsepower individually with a 10,000 rpm whereas the electric hybrid motor delivers about 168 horsepower. The car’s best performance is delivered only when both engines work together to produce maximum output. Based on these specifications, it is definitely an exceptionally fast car from the brand.

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The Peugeot L750R is powered by a dual-circuit hydraulic braking system which is comprised of four different carbon brake discs. They are powerful enough to bring the car to stationary position and a comfortable ride is ensured by the individual suspension system. The front and rear has separate suspensions which adjust the ride height automatically as required.

Peugeot L750R Unveiled in PS4 Game Gran Turismo

Majority of the car is made using carbon fiber material. Peugeot continues to envision a whole new world of race cars in the Gran Turismo game exclusively for the Playstation 4 and previous PS consoles. While they may or may not make their way into the real world, the concept specifications sound extremely promising and a road-friendly version would definitely put Peugeot on the top among buyers.

A surprising add-on is the hybrid engine that the L750R is powered by. Hybrids and electric cars have become the norm as the entire automobile industry is moving towards electric motors as the primary choice. They contribute more to the environment by avoiding fuel emission and are also considered to be fuel efficient, when ample charging points are set across the country. Gran Turismo Sport launches on October 18thand is the first game in the series to get launched on the PlayStation4 console.

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