PlayStation 4.5 is Reportedly in the Works, Reports Claim

PlayStation 4 Neo

As people are still waiting for the official release of the PlayStation VR, it seems Sony is also planning to release a new PlayStation 4.5 that will come with upgraded specs as compared to the current PlayStation 4.

The reports claim that the rumored PlayStation 4.5 will be able to support high-end 4K resolution games as well as jump into the virtual reality with its improved GPU to enhance the performance of the PlayStation VR.

Apparently, Sony is already reaching out to a number of developers in a bid to outline the upcoming console. PlayStation VR will be available later this year, but it already causing a wave in the virtual reality market. If the latest reports remain true, then the new PlayStation 4.5 will be powerful enough to support the 3D content involved with virtual reality. The reports, however, doesn’t confirm whether current PS4 owners will be able to switch to the newer console without losing any of their current content.

The Game Developers Conference was held earlier this week and according to sources, the idea of having a PlayStation 4.5 somehow came up during this event. Moreover, Kotaku says that it has already reached out to more than four developers associated with the device, who tend to agree on the new device.

A perfect timing for Sony

While this story should be taken with a grain of salt, it would still be a perfect timing for Sony. Virtual Reality has just come in and it has gotten everyone talking about. As noted earlier, Sony will be releasing a $400 PlayStation VR this year, which will go head to head with the likes of HTC Vive VR and Oculus Rift.

PlayStation 4

The boost in graphics and general offerings will mean the new PlayStation 4.5 brings Sony back to the limelight in the wake of these VR-related gaming. Sony’s PS4 currently comes with 4K resolution capabilities, but it is limited to photos and videos. With the 4K resolution needed to support VR-based gaming, this might just be a killer move for the Japanese OEM.

The headsets competing with PlayStation VR will be used with very powerful PCs. Since Sony’s headset only needs a PS4 console, bringing a new and more powerful PlayStation 4.5 would help the company effectively compete with the other players.

Sony has yet to make a comment on these reports.

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