PlayStation 4.5 Release Date and 5 Rumored Upgrades

PlayStation 4 Neo

Japanese multinational corporation Sony is here with a new product for gamers but it’s not Playing Station 5. Fans were already waiting for PS5, unfortunately, that will not happen. Sony instead has lined up something between PS4 and PS5 by the name PlayStation 4.5 or by code name NEO.

So far, PS4 is the best home video console in the market towering close competitors Microsoft’s Xbox One and Nintendo’s consoles. However, with the embryonic technology in the gaming world, chiefly the development of Virtual Reality headsets, there is a need for upgrading gaming consoles to integrate this innovation.

PlayStation 4.5 Neo will make a debut during the anticipated Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Sony’s Interactive Entertainment docket has not told the public about the new console. Nonetheless, some details of the product have already leaked. Accurate and detailed information will be known during E3, though.

PlayStation 4.5 expected features

A more powerful CPU

PlayStation fans should expect the console to be out during the last quarter of this year. The console’s CPU will remain but will be enhanced. The original microchip has 8 jaguar cells running at 1.6 GHz. A minor modification may be seen as the new console might sport the 8 jaguar cell but at a slightly higher speed set at 2.1 GHz.

GPU-AMD GCN featuring 36 CUs at 911 MHz

The current PlayStation 4 has a GPU-AMD GCN having 18 CUs set at 800 MHz, its successor PS 4.5 is speculated to see 36 CUs at 911 MHz. However, the new console will still be using the existing video graphics card, AMD GCN.

Enhanced RAM

The original 8GB GDDR5 RAM will still be maintained but not at the current 176GB/s, the incoming console will sport the same memory at 218GB/s.

Support 4K resolution

It’s also expected the console will support 4K resolution. Likely 4K will become a name as far as resolution is concerned. Although PS4 supports 4K video and images, it can only go up to 1080p for games, only a quarter of the pixels 4K offers. With graphics of games progressively becoming advanced, PlayStation 4.5 will strive to offer fans more graphical power.

More power for VR support

The radical rise in Virtual Reality technology demands a lot of power, this has pushed Sony to develop a console that has more grunt power than current PS4. The company has already staked in VR race with PlayStation VR headset that will be released this year and will seek to challenge the likes of HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Still PlayStation VR is the weakest compared to the Rift and Vive that require powerful machines than PS4.

Early versions of PS VR have come attached with a processing box. It’s rumored that the box is built in the next PlayStation version.

PlayStation 4.5

Cons of PlayStation 4.5

There is no doubt PlayStation 4.5 will be a powerful console that will support VR for a smoother gaming experience and will be a great deal for those held off purchasing a PS4 too. However, nothing good misses a dark side.

Cost is a major concern in this case. If the new version comes with enough horsepower that powers games at 4K resolution, users will require powerful GPUs that cost almost as high-end gaming PCs that goes as much as above $1000. Besides, those who have purchased PS4 will likely be infuriated with the release that will force them to purchase the device for hundreds of dollars on something that is not PS5 after spending over $400 dollars on their current devices.

Lastly, having two similar versions of a console may see developers ignoring the most powerful one.

Apart from the release of PlayStation 4.5, Xbox and Nintendo will also be launching new consoles this year.

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