PlayStation 4 Pro Monster Hunter: World and Glacier White Edition Set for Launch This Month

PlayStation 4 Pro Monster Hunter

When you are about to buy a brand new model, it makes sense to go with the Playstation 4 Pro because the hardware capability of console is much better than the base model.

And, to convince more buyers to join the 4K gaming bandwagon, Sony has announced two different variants of the PS4 Pro console.

The console war between PS4 Pro and Xbox One X is bound to continue because of the slight variations in terms of graphics on both systems. While the Microsoft system is easily the most powerful console right now because of its hardware specifications, most Sony games run better on the Pro and it also has much better exclusives compared to its competitor who lacks big time in keeping their players busy.

PlayStation 4 Pro Monster Hunter White Edition Set for Launch This Month

All these second thoughts pertain to only those who have a vast knowledge on the hardware specifications of the consoles. However, for hardcore Sony fans and those who have already made up their mind to buy the Playstation 4 Pro for some amazing upcoming exclusives like God of War and Spiderman, these special editions are a welcome addition to the portfolio.

The first exclusive edition is inspired by the popular title Monster Hunter: World which will be a limited edition bundle. The console undergoes a massive change to suit the game’s world and comes in a black colored variant combined with tones of red in specific areas. The DualShock 4 controller also comes with a similar red finish so that it seamlessly blends with the overall design of the console and the game’s logo etched on top of it. It is the controller that looks cool and the bundle will also include a copy of the game so that you can start gaming as soon as the title gets launched for everyone else.

PlayStation 4 ProThe second PlayStation 4 Pro bundle is the Glacier Whiteconsole which was previously launched as a Destiny 2 bundle. However, it will now be sold as a standalone variant and is expected to cost $399.99 which is the same as the standard edition. Players who like the black and red finish of the Monster Hunter: World should be ready to spent $449.99 to own the console along with a copy of the game.

Pre-orders are already open for both the PS4 Pro editions on Gamestop but the Monster Hunter edition is expected to be limited in stocks. The stocks will be available on January 26th.

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