Apple Will Let You Disable Power Management at Your Own Risk


When you are still using the same smartphone for years, it is bound to slow down even if it is an iPhone.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook in a recent interview confirmed that the company will roll out an iOS update for all devices, providing users the option to disable power management to stop their phones from intentionally slowing down.

“When we launched iOS10.2.1 we were pretty clear that that reducing power management and forcing the phone to operate at a lower efficiency will ensure it doesn’t randomly restart when you need it the most. After all, we know how important your iPhones are which is why we wanted to keep it as a reliable device. There were no solid reports on the phones slowing down with newer iOS updates. However, we do agree that we should have communicated in a clearer manner. User experience is what matters the most to us. So, you can soon disable power management even though we would advice against doing it for an optimal performance,” said Tim Cook while speaking to ABC News during the interview.

Apple Will Let You Disable Power Management at Your Own Risk

The world of Android is a completely different game where you can use a different phone every six months and even flagship models like the Google Nexus or Pixel devices would stop receiving newer updates after two years or so. When their hardware starts ageing, the company stops sending any new updates. Third party manufacturers like Samsung, Huawei and Sony may hardly roll out new Android versions to their phones except for the one it comes bundled with.

However, Apple tries its best to keep older phones like the iPhone 6, 6S SE and iPhone 7, 7 Plus to run the latest version of iOS 10.2.1. It was confirmed that they were slowing down the processor with their new operating system so that it could cope up with the ageing battery. People were annoyed to know Apple would do something like this and the company later announced that all old models can have their batteries replaced for a discounted price of just $29.

Apple Will Let You Disable Power Management

Tim Cook also answered during the interview that Apple doesn’t have plans for a cheaper smartphone in the near future because all their new models are expensive because of the innovation they have introduced in their products each year. It is what they offer to the user and the kind of experience that everyone gets every time they purchase a new iPhone.

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