Pokemon Go Buddy Update Fixes Bugs, Glitches and Adds New Buddy

Pokemon Go Buddy Update

Pokemon Go was supposed to have received the Buddy update a couple of weeks ago.

Niantic has been quite busy recently that postponed the release but the update is finally available for both iOS and Android devices.

Pokemon Go Buddy

Once you download the update, you will be able to pick a Pokemon and the buddy of your choice will be there whenever you go for a walk. The update also brings the Pokemon Go Plus support for the first time. Niantic and Nintendo brought the game to limelight on smartphones but it’s just the beginning. The developers have already announced that they are about to bring the game to the Apple Watch. Eventually, the game will find its way to Android wear devices.

Apart from these updates and new buddy features, it also fixes a lot of known bugs, glitches and performance issues that plagued Pokemon Go. Players posted issues related to texting while in-game and some network stability problems. Both of them have been addressed by the developers and you should no longer face these issues. One other issue was when the eggs would randomly hatch and the user will never receive an update. The animation associated with hatching eggs had trouble which is fixed.

Players were bit annoyed by this particular bug because they were not only robbed of the notification but the animation that shows a pokemon coming out an egg was missing. It was considered a precious moment especially when you have walked miles to find that particular creature and wait for it to hatch.

Niantic should be really busy at the moment because they have lot of catching up to do. Pokemon Go is yet to get released in many regions. Even before it could reach people in other parts of the world, the company announced their association with Apple Watch. The watch app will provide a lot of information on the go including distance, required XP to reach the next level, time when an egg would hatch among other details.

Pokemon Go Buddy Update

While Pokemon Go had a great start, the game lost over 75 percent of its players last month and continues to lose players. The initial hype didn’t last long as the app offered very limited things to go. Some players already caught every Pokemon available while others choose to spend time doing something else. The game’s revenue didn’t drop much and there might be a surge in number of players when it lands on Apple and Android smart watches.

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