Pokemon Go Gen 2 Update Launched with Many New Monsters

Developer Niantic rolled out a fairly major update to its Pokemon Go game a few months ago.

The update is expected to support the inclusion of more than a hundred monstrous Pokemon characters. However, the only Pokemon that has arrived so far is the Baby Pokemon. This character was released towards the middle of December last year. If there is anything to go by rumors doing the rounds, other Pokemon characters will start making their presence in the upcoming months.

Pokemon Go Gen 2

According to a message released by the development team after the launch of Baby Pokemon, the Gen 2 update will have a lot of gold and silver stuff for avid gamers to lay their hands on. It also reminded fans that they might receive a unique offering from Professor Willow in the course of the game. This turned out to be the first Pokeball that gamers receive when they begin the game. It also served to indicate that more Pokemon will arrive sometime this month. Players were also advised to remain attentive as long as they were playing Pokemon 2. It is worth noting that the Gen 2 update already introduced several new Pokemon characters like Magby, Togepi and Pichu. However, they can be accessed only if you hatch the eggs at the right time.

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There are expectations among fans that the next set of Pokemon characters will be released as a group in clusters rather than individually. They also anticipate that the game will host mini events to celebrate the launch of these new Pokemon. By organizing such events, Niantic is likely to retain people’s interest in Pokemon Go by making around six to ten characters available for each event. As of now, it is known that many legendary Pokemon are getting ready to make their entry. However, players will have to wait for at least a couple of months more before they enter the arena. While no exact date has been confirmed, the most likely chance for them to make their debut is during the Spring and Seasons. Going by past trends, these are the times when people mostly explore the game to the fullest.

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