Pokemon Go Leads to Dating App, Servers Still Crash Repeatedly

Pokemon Go Leads to Dating App

With millions of players trying to get online at the same time, it is no wonder Pokemon Go servers are cramped all the time.

The issues are expected to be sorted out in the near future.

But, when Nintendo is busy launching Pokemon Go in different countries, they probably have to work round the clock. Even when they do so, it ain’t easy to make the servers run smoothly as there will be huge spike in the number of users online as soon as the app is open on the iOS and Android stores.

Most players have reported that their game has insanely long loading times. The loading screen simply gets stuck at some point. The instructions recommend you to be fully aware of the surroundings and be alert so that you don’t injure yourself. Many times, when one tries to login and retrieve information from the server, it just won’t respond.

Pokemon Go Servers Still Crash Repeatedly

Pokemon Go has already been termed the buggiest game of the year on the mobile platform. Despite all these issues, the game has been doing really well and has reached millions within a short span of time. It is now officially available in US, Canada, Germany, Australia among a list of other countries. A worldwide expansion is what Nintendo is looking at. If you are really annoyed looking at the loading screen for too long, this might be the time to pick some other game and wait for the servers to be fixed.

The concept being Pokemon Go has already led to a dating app which is quite expensive because the first match will be free. Every other match made after that will be charged at $20 each. The new app named Razer Go works with Pokemon Go and helps find users in the nearby area. Once it does, it will match your interests and find the best partner you can hang out with.

Compared to many other dating apps, the concept is literally the same except for the fact that it uses Pokemon as the tool to match people. The pricing however might put people off as you may spend a fortune before trying to find at least five different girls or guys ready to meet you for a date. The app is set to get launched on the iOS app store, Android store and a web version will also be rolled out, making it easier for users to browse their matches.

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