Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Marshmallow Rollout Still Going on

Galaxy Note 4 Marshmallow Update

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 started receiving Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow more than two months ago. However, this was only rolling out to unlocked versions of the handset.

As for those on carrier-based versions, it has been hell, with many others out there yet to see anything to do with the current OS on their Galaxy Note 4 smartphones. T-Mobile rolled out the Galaxy Note 4 Marshmallow update towards the end of last month, making it one of the last among the four major American carriers to avail the firmware to the 2014 Note.

Those using the Galaxy Note 4 in Australia can now speak the same language as their T-Mobile counterparts thanks to the fact that Samsung has now begun rolling out the update to this region’s units. This region is actually one of the last to receive the Marshmallow update on the Note 4, which means the update should now be all over the world, with exceptions of a few areas.

Remember, this will only work out for you if you are using a factory unlocked version of the Galaxy Note 4 in Australia. If your phone is locked to a carrier, it might still take time before the Marshmallow update actually hits this device.

Galaxy Note 4

Since the update is coming as an OTA, it may not reach all devices at the same time. However, it can still be checked manually, just in case it is ready and the notification is somehow delaying. Go to Settings>About device>Software Update>Update Now. Since this update is huge, make sure you are connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or use an unlimited data pack.

Just like many other devices receiving Android Marshmallow, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 users in Australia will from now henceforth be able to access a redesigned App Drawer, enjoy better control over app permissions, enjoy more uses with the fingerprint scanner, including authorizing online purchases, make use of the new Google Now on Tap as well as save more battery life with the Doze mode.

5 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Marshmallow Rollout Still Going on”

  1. Note 4 in the US o ATT is still on 5.1.1

    Marshmallow has not released on all us carriers for the Note 4.

    1. At&t just sucks…next version of android in on door..still at&t has not marshmallow on samsung note 4..

    2. I msgd with At&t support yesterday. Their response to my query:
      “. I did look over our systems and not show any date or a date noted when the Marshmallow update will be released. That information is not noted in our systems and the update needs to be approved and tested before the download would be available. Regrettably I do not have a specific date when it would be available and I cannot give you a estimated date as I do not want to give you any misinformation and set your expectations incorrectly”

      So it appears that AT&T doesn’t have any plans to release Marshmallow for Note 4 anytime soon.

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