Pokemon Go Next Big Update In Beta, Nearby Feature Is Coming Back

Pokemon Go Next Big Update In Beta

Pokemon Go is about to receive a big update and it is currently in its beta channel.

Some users have reported that they spotted a new nearby features and some minor changes.

The nearby feature has now been renamed as sightings which allows a player to know how far the next creature is. It is not a brand new feature because it was already there since the game launched. Niantic, developers of Pokemon Go faced a lot of technical issues with the feature. It was supposed to show creatures that are close by with a single paw print while others will have two or three paws. The longest ones will usually be skipped by players as they have to travel long distances to capture them.

The distance displayed by the app was all wrong which forced the developers to completely remove it. In wake of the removal, third party websites popped online. They promised to help people by providing information on pokemon locations and know how far one should go in order to find it. It was supposed to be helpful but Nintendo in association with Niantic blocked all those websites. Their official statement claimed that these third party websites are causing more harm and confusion among gamers. They requested players to wait so that an official alternative is rolled out.

Pokemon Go

Beta channel users confirmed that Sightings is the new feature. The Nearby has seems to be a separate new feature which shows where the Pokemon creatures actually are. An image of the place is used as an icon. It should clarify any doubts and save a lot of time spent in roaming around. Pokemon Go should definitely be better when this update is rolled out to all gamers.

Another big change is that monsters which are really far from your current location will not be shown in the sightings or nearby screen. It is such a saving grace because showing you a pokemon which is kilometers away is not going to help us in any way. Instead, only those that can readily be captured will be displayed now. With the location icon, it’s much more fun and easier to play.

The time spent playing Pokemon Go blindly and trying to find creatures is gone. Battery saver feature on iOS devices are back. The official change log should be released soon once the update is rolled out on both platforms.

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