Pokémon Go Official Release Nears as Beta Version Closes Down

Pokemon Go

The testing phase of the Pokémon Go mobile game has finally come to an end on June 30th, an announcement made by the game’s developer Niantic Labs revealed.

Despite this move, it appears that those who were involved in the game can still access the developer version. However, this will not be going on for a long time. Once Niantic Labs is done with closing down the Pokémon Go beta, any access to the program will also be terminated immediately. But this will only happen once the company has made public the stable version of the game.

Previously, lovers of this game could easily sign up for participation in the beta testing program by heading to the official Pokémon Go website. This is regardless of whether one is using an iOS or Android device. However, once the process of signing up is done, Pokémon characters were immediately brought into the real world thanks to smartphone GPS and camera functionality.

As it stands, this registration is no more and instead, the site now has the words “coming soon” that come along with a trailer of the game.

Pokemon Go

Just like many other beta programs, the Pokémon Go beta testing only included a handful of users. The beta testing program has been here for less than a month after commencing early last month. Apparently, the official release date of the game is still unknown, but it is expected to at some point this month of July.

Pokémon Go will come alongside Pokémon Go Plus, something that is expected to up the experience of the mobile game. In essence, the many fans who have been looking forward to enjoying a Pokémon Go game in the real world will now have the chance to do this beginning this July, both on Android and iOS devices.

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