Spotify Claims Apple App Store is Intentionally Used to Stifle Rivals

Spotify and Apple App Store

The Apple App Store is known for its tight rules and regulations that have seen the company trail Android’s Google Play Store with respect to the number of apps available for download.

In order to get an app into the Apple App Store, a developer must agree to Apple’s terms that involve the company taking a significant cut from the app’s entire purchases. Of course, this is the same story for those who wish to submit their apps to the Google Play Store. However, Apple seems to be in more trouble as Spotify, a rival company when it comes to music streaming services, seems to be in huge disagreement with a recent action by the Cupertino Company.

Apparently, a letter sent by a Spotify lawyer claims that the iPhone maker practiced old school methods of eliminating competition from the former’s music streaming service. The letter’s details, which we picked up from the folks at Recode, claims that Apple rejected an app update by Spotify with respect to the App Store. In the view of the Spotify lawyer, this is an intentional move made by Apple in a bid to suppress competition coming from the Spotify app with respect to the Apple Music service.

Spotify and Apple App Store

Apple Music was launched last year and in case you didn’t know, these two are stiff rivals in the music streaming business.

According to the letter, Apple claimed that the reason for rejecting the Spotify app for iOS update was because it did not comply with the company’s “business model rules.” In response to this, the Spotify lawyer claims that Apple makes use of the App Store’s approval process as a weapon for harming its competitors.

None of the two companies has since been able to come out with a clear, detailed explanation of this letter.

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