Pokemon Go Player To Go On Sponsored Trip To Capture Region Specific Pokemon

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Not many will have the opportunity to travel around the world just to catch Pokemons using their Pokemon Go app.

A specific gamer from the United States is about to do it backed up by Marriott Rewards.

Nintendo launched Pokemon Go in the United States about two weeks ago. The time is literally short but when you spend an entire day travelling around the city to catch Pokemons, you might probably catch them all. This is what a specific player named Nick Johnson has accomplished by being able to catch them all before anyone else. He revealed the news on Reddit to show off his accomplishment which has paved way for some amazing sponsored content.

According to Johnson’s Reddit post, the player has managed to capture 4,269 Pokemon and has hatched 303 eggs. In order to achieve this, he has to walk over 153 kilometers in two weeks. Most people would shy away from doing it because having to walk for hours every day is difficult, especially in a time when you are used to enjoying content on your comfortable couch.

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Official sources have verified his claim and he has caught every last one using the Pokemon Go in North American region. The only ones that are left to be caught are Mr. Mime which is available only in Europe, Farfetch’d in Asia and Kangaskhan which is located in Australia as well as New Zealand. Unless Johnson travels to these specific countries, he won’t be able to catch them and report it back to Nintendo.

Probably, the game developers might give him a special reward for being the first to catch all Pokemon creatures. Apart from these region specific ones, there are 151 other creatures which are yet to find their way in the Pokemon Go app.

When such records are broken, obviously companies step in. Marriott Rewards has decided to sponsor him to journey around the world and capture the remaining pokemon in other regions. The company will gain a lot of advertisement by sending one person on a huge trip. It is definitely an easier way to advertise and reach gamers rather than spend millions on expensive television advertisements.

Speaking in an interview, he confirmed that he spent eight hours a day to find them using an iPhone. The pro Pokemon Go player suggested that people should spend money on egg incubators and also to buy a good pair of shoes to walk undeterred.

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