Pokemon Go Players Fall 90-Feet Down But Survived

Pokemon Go

A lot of mishaps have happened around Pokemon Go because players are busy looking for those creatures in the phone that they fail to see real life dangers around of them.

The recent case is two men who were busy playing the game didn’t notice that there is actually a 90-feet cliff in front of them. These gamers just fell off the huge ocean side cliff located in California. Surprising news is, they managed to survive such a huge fall. Obviously they sustained some major injuries but are still alive and expected to recover in the following months.

When trying to catch a new Pokemon and add it to the rooster, one guy fell down. He managed to reduce the height of the fall by landing on a bluff located 50 feet from the cliff. The other one wasn’t so lucky and he fell all the way down, over 90 feet before landing on the beach. It is definitely a miracle as to how they survived such a huge fall but they managed to.

Such things aren’t new to those who live in California. The police and the government took severe actions to ensure such accidents don’t happen. However, this is the first time one has taken place because of the Pokemon Go game. Nintendo can hardly do anything about this.

Pokemon Go Players

However, the original developers of the game Niantic labs have advised that people should always be aware of their surroundings when playing Pokemon Go. It matters a lot because most simply forget where they are and rush to grab the creatures. They are usually located in inaccessible locations in real life. Sometimes, they are risky spots where one shouldn’t go in order to avoid getting hurt.

In other news, a random gamer playing Pokemon Go spotted a dead body in his track. Such incidents have become far too much than they used to be. People around the globe love the app because it encourages them to go out and do things. Most apps in the past wanted more money to buy coins but Nintendo in association with Niantic labs came up with such an amazing idea that is the need of the hour for the entire population.

While issues continue to prevail, it is not because of the app but rather because of people who are not cautious of where they are. If you take necessary precautionary measures, it’s all fun with Pokemon Go.

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