Hyundai Pickup Is Not Going To Get Launched Until 2020

Hyundai Santa Cruz Crossover Truck front

Hyundai debuted the Santa Cruz concept at the 2015 Detroit motor show.

The company never expected it to be such a runaway hit but it was which has prompted them to go ahead with the idea.

Instead of building over the same Santa Cruz concept, the automobile manufacturer has decided to expand things and build something rugged for their demanding customers. Rumors are afloat that the maker is busy building a utilitarian vehicle which has better durability, torque and most importantly the performance one would expect from vehicles in the category.

The information was shared by Hyundai’s Australian COO, Scott Grant who spoke in length to a leading auto magazine in the country. He informed that the new Santa Cruz model has been approved and is moving towards the production stage. Even though, the model has crossed the initial rounds, it is not going to manufactured and will not hit dealership stores up until 2020. It is a long wait and the company may use the period to develop new powertrain, chassis among other technical upgrades before bringing it to the world.

Hyundai Santa Cruz Crossover Truck

The Korean division of Hyundai is really keen on making a pickup truck in the Santa Cruz series. They have committed themselves to moving the idea forward but are yet to make the final call on a production version. Commenting on the same, he clarified that there is such a huge demand for trucks not only in Australia but many other locations around the globe.

It is known that the head of the department and the marketing team is trying to study the region before deciding to push the pickup truck into production. On the whole, the vehicles contribute up to 16.5 percent of the sales around the globe. From a financial stand point, this could either be a good choice or bad based on the region Hyundai plans to launch the pickup truck first.

The only big change that has to be done is that the Santa Cruz is more of a car and trying to copy the exact same methods isn’t the way to go. A truck obviously has to have different features, finish and design. Hyundai will take its own time to confirm whether a production version possible. Even when confirmed, it is going to take another five years for the model to hit stores when we may probably have plenty of electric cars and trucks to drive around.

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