Pokémon Go Plus Pre-orders and other Details

Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go release is just a few days away. According to the developers, Niantic and Nintendo, the free-to-play mobile game will arrive this July.

This simply means gamers on Android and iPhone will be catching Nintendo’s fascinating creatures in their local environment in the near future. The developers first gave a glimpse of the game last year, since then almost a year has elapsed and we are confident of a pleasing experience when the invite-only game finally hits the smartphone world.

The franchise confirmed Pokémon Go release window and officially opened Pokémon Go Plus pre-orders last month at the E3 conference.

What is Pokémon Go Plus?

Pokémon Go Plus is a Pokémon Go enhancing accessory built by the developers as a companion to the game.  The device enables you to catch Pokémon without looking at your smartphone. The Poke Ball-shaped Bluetooth receiver has a built-in battery and a button pressed to capture the Squirtles. It’s developed with belt clip and a bracelet such that you don’t need to tuck it in your pocket but tie it on your bags or wrists. Go plus also has loops that make it possible to tie on your belts.

Pokémon Go Plus Necessary for seamless gaming

While Pokémon Go will go for free when it launches on Android and iOS phones this July you may wonder why Nintendo wants you to pay for just a game enhancer. The inspiration for creating the device has all answers you need. It’s absolutely true that we are so much attached to our phones so much and frequently check missed calls, new mail, and social media. As a smartphone game, Pokémon Go will require the players to constantly look at their phones. In order, to track or capture a Pokémon, you will need to check the game’s map on your phone. All, this will mean you will have to pull your phone a number of times.

The accessory uses a low-energy Bluetooth radio technology to communicate with the game. It uses the connection to detect a nearby Pokémon or to know when the Trainer nears a gym or a Poke Point. Players are only left with the task of pushing the button on the accessory to take an appropriate action depending on the notification. Gamers can pick Pokémon Eggs and Poke Balls without looking at their phones at all. However, users should know that Bluetooth technology is effective over a given distance. This means you need to keep your smartphone close to the device as well as keep the device close so that you can feel the vibration and press the button. You can have a look of what you have collected at a later convenient time.

Why pre-order for the device

The fact that Pokémon Go Plus is optional makes you want to place a pre-order. We already know that the device is just an enhancement to the game and will not be a must have. It’s for this reason that not many will be made. Apparently, getting the device will be a real hassle. Nintendo is already struggling to keep Amiibo figures for the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo 3DS in stores, the case may be worse for Pokémon Go Plus given billions of people are using smartphones.

 Where to get the accessory

Pre-orders recently started, but they are quite hard to come across. Amazon kicked off picking pre-orders on its website pricing the device at $34.99 dollars. However, users rushed for them and seemingly the stock is already depleted. Pokémon Go Plus shows “Currently Unavailable” on Amazon site right now. The website is also informing users that it is not sure when it will begin another pre-order

Pokemon Go

GameStop is also offering users Pokémon Go Plus pre-orders at the moment. The video game retailer is as well charging the game at $34.99, but buyers are not charged for pre-ordered items until they are shipped. GameStop will start shipping Pokémon Go Plus pre-orders from its website on 31st July.

What you need for Pokémon Go Plus

Before you make a pre-order for the device make sure your device have the following specifications:

  • Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS technology.
  • Android version 4.3.
  • For those on iPhones, iOS 8 will be required.

Nintendo is also planning for two titles for the Pokémon series – Pokémon Sun and Moon.

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