Pokemon Go Revenue is Pegged at $2 Million Everyday

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is easily the most successful mobile games launched in recent times.

While Nintendo has very little to do with it, developers Niantic made a whole lot of revenue out of this blockbuster title.

Recent reports suggested that the game ain’t doing as well as it used to be because of players losing interest in it. It is true to an extent because Pokemon Go is no longer the title it used to be. When it got launched in U.S. among other regions, the entire world was excited by the prospect of having to walk in the real world to find pokemons. Niantic labs, developer of the game couldn’t handle the surge in number of players online leading to numerous server issues.

Pokemon Go Revenue

The team continued to fix bugs and make the mobile game better. They were also slow to launch it in different regions and impatient gamers managed to download it off of third party Android app stores. All these reasons put together did have a huge impact on Pokemon Go. The game did lose millions of gamers in a short span of time but according to a new report, the title makes about $2 million every day.

A report from Newzoo confirmed that Pokemon Go makes $2 million a day and it doesn’t include the 30% share of the revenue that goes to Apple and Google. When the title was officially launched in the month of July, it brought in a massive $16 million on a daily basis. That’s a whole lot of money for a simple app that didn’t had any actual gameplay but rather an interface that caught creatures as you reach those specific locations.

Despite claims that millions of players are going out of the app, the developers say that a strong future is ahead for Pokemon Go. The game is about to get launched in larger markets including South Korea and China in the following months. It opens it up to millions of players at once which might significantly boost downloads and revenue again.

Pokemon Go

At the moment, Pokemon Go is at number 4 in the iTunes stores and right behind Clash Royale. “We came to know the true power of augmented reality and how it can shape up apps. It also motivated kids and youngsters to come out.Smartphones were considered to be a restraint for young people but the game ensured it brought them out and encouraged a healthy lifestyle,” said a rep.

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