Telegram Now Becomes a Gaming Platform by Adding Games Powered By the Bots


The messaging app Telegram that was built as a private and encrypted chat platform is all set to become the haven for entertainment.

Just last month, Telegram, with a strong user base of over 100 million, added new features of cartoon-like masks for its GIFs and selfies, borrowing the concept from Snapchat. Now it has come up with a bigger update by adding games, to lure away the users from its archrivals like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.


The CEO and Founder of Telegram reported that by adding games and an entertainment quotient to the chat platform, they are not shifting their focus away from the privacy and security of the users. The company is trying to balance their updates in a way that the new privacy and security points and the work-related components go hand-in-hand along with all the fun stuff.

Last year, Telegram had launched the Bots, which allowed the third-party applications to run within the app. The Bot platform gives access to a lot of services for the users from within the Telegram app. Telegram has rolled out its new gaming platform for the Android users, which is power-driven by bots, which means that a user can chat with the gaming bot and start playing games with it as they would with any other person. The games are all complete with amazing sound and graphics.

Telegram Adds Bot Powered

Telegram has added almost 30 games to start with, which are all freely available. These games are all published by Gamee, the popular game developer. The app is expecting to release hundreds of games soon. These games include everything from simple arcades to real-time strategy games and from puzzles to 3D-multiplayer shooters. The games include Mr. Muscle, Karate Kido, Space Invaders, Kung Fu Inc., Football Star, Math Battle, and a retro pirate game titled Corsairs to name a few. All these games have been developed by using the HTML5 technology. Since the underlying science of these games is based on HTML5, these games will be loaded up just like other web pages, without adding even a single byte to the size of the Telegram app.

Start Playing With the Bot or Your Friends

The users will just have to type @gamebot or @gameebot, which will display a list of all the games and the users, can invoke the game of their choice from any of the chats. The users can also share the game of interest with their friends and challenge them to play. According to a blog post by Telegram, every game comes with scores for playing them in every chat and the users can keep a track of all their high scores globally and also within a group. They can also check how much their friends have scored and pitched against each other.

Telegram Bot Gaming Platform

Telegram is also sending invites to the developers to develop more games based on the HTML5 technology in future for its gaming platform. It also highlighted the ease at which these games have been created by using the HTML5 API, claiming that it took just a few hours for the developers to build each of them. For example, the company reported that their developer took just three hours to build the Math Battle, where the player will have to answer as many math problems as possible, and it took five hours to build the Corsairs game and get it running complete with sound, animations, and graphics.

These games will be available for downloading and playing for the users who run their devices on Android versions of 4.4 and newer, and for iPhone 4 and above models. The users will just have to update the Telegram app that is available on the App Store for iOS users and Google Play Store for Android users.

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