Pokemon Go To Undergo Major Overhaul To Make It Safer And Fun

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is not just the talk of the town but we could probably say talk of the world.

Millions around the globe, even those who haven’t officially received it are playing the game throughout the clock.

While Nintendo and the actual development team did a great job by making people come out of their cubicles, it also led to a lot of controversies. The game uses real world locations where exclusive creatures will be found. It makes brilliant use of the GPS navigation system and Google maps to identify each spot. But, the problem is that developers may or may not know the real life obstacles present in that actual location.

After all, satellite scanning may hardly reveal a real life pit, car or in some extreme cases a dead body. Pokemon Go players often encountered the most bizarre situations when they tried to catch those pokemons. Some of them found themselves tripping over, falling over a cliff or being stuck inside a restricted area. In other scenarios, a person’s home was marked as a gym with a pokemon inside and it won’t be surprising if some player knocks on the door to get inside.

Pokemon Go To Undergo Major Overhaul

A couple of respected institutions including government establishments, museums and offices have sent in requests to the developers. They want Pokemon Go to not recognize their spot as a play area as they are supposed to be respected and doesn’t allow strangers to walk in. A new option available in the game allows people to send in requests if they like that particular spot to be removed from the map.

The Holocaust Museum located in Washington DC has already been removed. The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park has sent in a request for their location to be removed as did the Arlington National Cemetery. Plenty of new requests would soon pop in. The team is ready to roll out a large update which will allow them to make sure they are respecting real life locations that was never meant to be meddled with.

“Pokemon Go received so much attention in such limited period. The game has been out for three weeks now. It is available for just a week or so in Germany among other regions. Millions of players are trying to access the game at once leading to server issues. Similarly, many try to find it all at once leading to issues in real life. We are going to do our best to ensure the real world is taken into consideration. It could affect a lot of people in different ways. We will fix them all,” commented the lead developer.

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