Porsche Panamera With All-New Longer Wheelbase To Join The Lineup

2017 porsche panamera

The Porsche Panamera is going to expand the lineup with a new car which not only gets new features and better performance but literally expands with a much longer wheelbase.

The automobile brand has confirmed that they will be introducing a Sport Turismo shooting brake style model. While Porsche’s primary audience is China because buyers in the country favor longer wheelbases, they are also planning to bring it to Europe at a later date.

Discussing his views and the future of the Porsche Panamera models, Robert Kohr said that the new generation car is being built on the MSB modular platform. The platform allowed them to provide all the comfort associated with the model as well as fit a longer wheelbase with it.

Kohr is the manager of body engineering and is really excited about the upcoming launch. “We just can’t wait to showcase the car to everyone. After all, we have spent years to develop something new on a different platform and better wheelbase. It is quite versatile because the MSB can easily accommodate four different wheelbases,” said Kohr.

Porsche Panamera

The new platform works with Panamera Long and Panamera. There is no word on the same being used in existing Porsche models. However, the team has planned to make use of the MSB modular platform for longer cars in Volkswagen brand and the Audi A8. The base length of the Porsche Panamera which is measured at 2,950mm has been boosted up to 3,100mm giving great legroom for the passengers to sit comfortable.

While changes are being made to the exterior of the car, the powertrains continue to remain the same. The engines offered include a V8 diesel variant, two petrol engines with a V6 and V8 powertrains. All of them are more than capable of rendering the best performance one would look forward to in a Panamera.

Porsche has planned to rollout a hybrid variant of the Panamera. Two other electric models are in the cards but there is no word on when it will find its way to the stores. Porsche will most probably go for a sequential launch so that all their models witness amazing sales and continue to offer one for every need.

Apart from these confirmed models, Porsche has plans to come up with an extra powerful V8 hybrid engine. It is supposedly the most powerful Panamera that you could get your hands on but the wait is going to be a long one for sure.

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