Project Fi – Piggybacks on An Additional Network – US Cellular – Offering Greater Speed and Coverage

Project Fi Google

Mobile connectivity plays an important role, with the network’s speed, connectivity being important for sharing photos or getting responses speedily.

Project Fi offers the best connection through Wi Fi or through its cellular networks.

What is Project Fi

Google has program named Project Fi, which aims at offering quick and simple cellular service offered directly to mobile phones. The program combines access to two providers, Sprint as well as T Mobile, using SIM cards that are capable of switching from one to the other without any intervention by users.

Improvement in Coverage

The experimental program, Project Fi, has improved the network coverage. Till now, the program was only a MVNO, which made use of infrastructure belonging to Sprint and T Mobile. However, it has included US Cellular and this enhances its coverage. Users will be able to get improved coverage whenever or wherever US Cellular network is available. This is available in twenty-three states as of now. US Cellular offers a coverage of 4G LTE to 99% of subscribers, both in urban and in rural areas.

However, Project Fi will opt for the coverage having the best network coverage at that point. Most of the Fi users spend maximum time with LTE network, so they will be able to be connected 99% of the time, as multiple networks are being used. With the additional support offered for US Cellular, the situation can only improve. The addition of US Cellular will roll out to all users of Fi within a few weeks.

US Cellular – Filling Coverage Gaps

Google’s Project Fi makes use of T Mobile as well as Sprint as its backbone. Adding US Cellular will offer a great improvement, as it is the 5th largest mobile network of the US. The network will help fill any gaps in coverage.

Project Fi

How it Works

Several cellular networks exist in most areas and the usage of Project Fi is the most in areas having US Cellular, T Mobile and Sprint offering LTE coverage. However, buildings and other obstructions can affect the speed or the coverage reaching through LTE connections. Project Fi can predict the best or the fastest network in that particular location and connect the device with it.

The latest inclusion of US Cellular ensures that users will have a connection when needed, even if they are in an area of poor speed or a limited coverage. The Fi device will be able to recognize when a connection is weak and it will adjust in real time. It provides access to several cellular networks, so that users have a good connection almost 99 % of the time. Project Fi can analyze the speed of each of these networks and predict which one is the fastest at that spot, even down to a block in the city. It will then automatically connect you to that network.

US Cellular network coverage will start rolling out to the customers and users in the next few weeks. Project Fi is now all set to get a significant boost to its network.

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