PS4 NEO – Hardware Specifications, Performance and Release Date

PS4 NEO Sony

Sony is heading into E3 2016 with a concrete plan and the company is going to upgrade its current generation console with something totally new, much more powerful.

Latest rumors indicate that the new PS4 console also codenamed as NEO is going to set a new benchmark in the world of consoles. If we are to go by the information available, the hardware will be upgradeable similar to how PCs are. It allows gamers to keep themselves updated without having to rely on an ageing console. The current generation consoles including PS4 and Xbox One witnessed heavy downfall because of games being unable to run at 1080p, 60 frames per second.

The reason was that in order to keep pricing affordable, the manufacturers Sony and Microsoft pushed the platforms with minimal hardware specifications. They are hardly into the market with just three years in existence but are already outdated in terms of performance. Most game developers are forced to skip multiple graphical upgrades so as to make the titles run on these platforms. Compromises are made and it is difficult to upgrade the hardware without launching another console.


Sony is planning to solve the issue with PS4.5 also known as NEO which will have the capacity to output 4K video signal. It will feature a fully upgraded state-of-the-art GPU which will not only deliver games in full 1080p resolution but will also support virtual reality capabilities. VR is fast catching up on PCs and consoles don’t want to be left behind at any cost. The more powerful version of the PS4 console is definitely going to be announced at the E3 2016 event. It will feature better GPU, processor and RAM but the storage capacity will be the same as the older model.

Games released on the PS4 console will be available on the PS4.5 or NEO. Developers are supposed to ship titles so that they run on two different platforms at the same time. Bug fixing, patch updates and other downloads are supposed to be released individually so that they are compatible on the respective platforms. While some gamers do worry that it may eventually fade out the existing PS4 console and pave way for a new generation, Sony promised that they will continue to support.

We can know more only when the show begins. According to rumors, the new console is expected to be priced at $400 which is cheap but it’s not clear as to how they will ship such upgraded hardware one more time betting on exclusive titles as the company always does.

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