PS Plus June 2017 Free Games Announced for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita

PS Plus June 2017 Free Games

Sony has announced the PS Plus games for June 2017. All the game listed for the specific platforms will be free to download for all Playstation Plus members as it has always been.

While the company representatives are extremely busy preparing for the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017, they have made sure they don’t forget their ardent fans looking forward to play their favorite titles free of cost. This month, the lineup is pretty decent and also provides you an opportunity to explore games in different genres as well as with friends, as one of the best co-op zombie shooters of all time Killing Floor 2 is on the list.

PS Plus June 2017

Playstation 4 owners will receive a free copy of Killing Floor 2. The game needs no introduction if you have already played Left 4 Dead, Call of Duty Black Ops series and other zombie games. The horde of zombies keep coming at you from every direction and the rules are simple. Just keep shooting everything that moves but not your friends if you are playing the game in co-op mode. Killing Floor 2 which is free for PS Plus members is best experienced in multiplayer co-op mode where you can team up with buddies and shoot those zombies down.

Next in the list for PS4 gamers is Life is Strange. For players who have had the opportunity to experience Telltale series of story based games, Life is Strange should be right up their ally. Even if you haven’t had the chance to try of these titles, just give it a shot because it is relaxing and a couch friendly title. You don’t have to run into rooms collecting ammos and shooting enemies in a frenzy. Instead, it follows a girl’s adventure and her ability to alter time. Each decision affects the game and will lead to a new ending making it interesting as there is no linearity in this title.

PS3 gamers receive Abyss Odyssey and WRC 5 World Rally Championship on the platform. The WRC series belongs to racing fans and it will offer you endless hours of fun as you keep playing, trying to complete each level with utmost perfection. Make sure to drift at the right corners and keep your opponents at bay so that they don’t overtake you at the most unexpected moment.

PS Plus June 2017 Free Games

The PS Vita console continues to stay relevant as it receives two different titles, namely Neon Chrome and Spy Chameleon. Both these titles support crossbuy feature which denotes that if you get these titles on the PS Vita console, they will be available on PS4 as well so that you can play it wherever you like.