Why Would Gamers Love a PS4 Gold Console and a Gold Controller?

Dualshock 4 Gold controller

The rumors are now officially confirmed and it is very close to the most anticipated gold PS4 console that gamers have been looking forward to.

For a long time now, it was being said that Sony is planning to launch a new Playstation 4 console which will be pure gold. When they say gold, it’s just a colored edition that has nothing to do with the coveted element sold in jewelry shops.After all, if they are going to use real gold on top of the console, it would push it prices higher than $1000 or even more making it impossible for most gamers to get their hands on it.

Dualshock 4 Gold

Compared to the black console which had been the long running tradition for Sony, the new gold Playstation 4 console should be a welcome addition. If you are bored of the all black design that is the only option for a very long time with occasional special edition models, this should be right in your cards. Sony loves to introduces consoles based on specific games like Final Fantasy in Japan, their home ground. However, they think twice before introducing such unique designs in the United States.

The first hint of such a special edition model has been confirmed by Best Buy.  The retailer had listed a gold Playstation 4 controller on their website which will go on sale soon. The peripheral is priced at $64.99 and based on this confirmation, it is assured that a PS4 gold console is coming soon. And, this time it will not be exclusive to Japan but rather people living in the United States could get their hands on it.

In an attempt to boost sales of the console right before Microsoft announces their Project Scorpio machine, Sony is betting big on this new color variant which will mostly be available only for the PS4 console and not the PS4 Pro. But, if they decide to introduce PS4 Pro gold, it would be a great way to experience 4K gaming while sporting a hot looking console in your living room.

Dualshock 4 Gold controller

The Dualshock 4 Gold controller is the closest you can get to the PS4 gold console now and the pricing will be the same. Obviously, it’s easy to pick one of your choice especially if your existing console is dying on you and needs a quick refresh with a new color tone. Check out the images below and gear up for the console announcement soon.