PS Store’s Extended Play Sale Discounts Bundles, DLCs & Season Pass for PS4, PS3 Titles

PS Store Extended Play Sale

After having multiple sales in the past few weeks, the Playstation Store have now moved onto a completely different area.

In an era where season passes and DLCs are what completes a game, there is now an Extended Play Sale on PS4, PS3 titles with special discounts.

Instead of focusing solely on the games, this time the developers have gone one step ahead by allowing gamers to further expand their gaming experience by buying additional season passes, bundles, DLCs and expansion packs. The discounts go all the way up to 60% while PS Plus members can save up to 70 percent. A huge list of titles are part of the sale including the insanely addictive Overwatch, NBA 2K17, ARK Survivor’s Pack and many others. This particular sale which has gone live now will be open until May 30th giving you enough time to get them all or just grab the best AAA titles from the lot.

PS Store Discounts Bundles

Most Playstation owners, be it the PS4 or the PS3 console are PS Plus members which should save you additional cost on these titles. The Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Gold Edition is just $27.99 while the season pass is quite cheap at $9.89 for members. Batman: The Telltale Series season pass will set you back by $12.49 while Ark Survivor’s Pack costs $41.24. Surprisingly, an older title like Battlefield 4 Premium Edition that includes the base game is available for sale at $17.99.

You can continue to expand your EA collection by going for Battlefield Hardline Premium priced at $14.99 while the newly launched Battlefield 1 Ultimate Edition which includes all the DLC packs is now priced at $77.99. The pricing may sound high but if you are a fan of the BF series, this is a no brainer purchase. Bioshock the collection is available for$29.99, Borderlands the Handsome Collection is priced at $19.79, and you can also get the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Season Pass at $24.99.

PS Store Extended Play Sale

All these titles are on the PS4 console and the list also includes titles like GTA V, Just Dance 2016, Just Cause 3 XL Edition, Minecraft, NBA 2K16 and Overwatch GOTY at $38.99. The PS3 games on the Extended Play Sale includes Call of Duty Black Ops series, Minecraft Story Mode, GTA V additional content and WWE 2K17 Digital Deluxe priced at $39.99.