PS4 Exclusive The Last of Us and its DLCs Get Huge Discount 

Last of Us and its DLCs Get Huge Discount

Marking the huge ‘Outbreak Day’ in the Last of Us world, Sony is hosting a huge discount on the game and its DLCs on the PS4, PS3 platforms.

The Playstation 3 exclusive became such a blockbuster hit that developer Naughty Dog had to remaster ‘The Last of Us’ for the Playstation 4 console. It sold equally well on the new generation machine because of characters that you could invest in, cinematic story-telling and a world which offered unlimited hours of gameplay.

The Last of Us

Commemorating the outbreak day, Naughty Dog is hosting huge discounts on the title as well as the DLCs including the Left Behind is available in the store. Apart from the original game, the Playstation Gear store has some exclusive offers on apparel and accessories inspired by the title. The store offers 20 percent discount on all items related to the game.

The deals don’t end there! Naughty Dog has partnered with a company named Mondo known for making kickass posters and apparels. The team at Mondo has come up with a brand new poster which has been enclosed below for your viewing pleasure. It may not be available in all regions but the high resolution image can be printed so that you could stick it up your wall.

Kevon Tong, a popular artist who works for Mondo has designed the poster in association with Naughty Dog. The information was revealed on the game’s official blog and you can buy the poster online at The posters will be extremely limited in quantity and is expected to be sold off real quick. All of them are hand numbered by the original designer Tong so that you can proudly show off that you have managed to grab one of the very few available in the world.

Last of Us and its DLCs Get Huge Discount

The Last of Us was originally released on Playstation 3 in the year 2013 and the remastered version got launched on PS4 in July 2014. An exclusive bundle with the game and the Playstation 4 console was also available when the next gen machine was introduced by Sony. This is one of the very few titles that you shouldn’t miss and is a worthy exclusive to the Playstation family.

Naughty Dog is rumored to be working on a sequel for the game. As they have completed Uncharted 4, the next game in the lineup could be the sequel or probably a new IP. Production houses have planned to turn the title into a movie but no confirmation has been made till now.

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