Samsung Galaxy On8 Becomes Official with 5.5 Inch Super AMOLED Display

Samsung Galaxy On8

Samsung has just unveiled yet another addition to its Galaxy On series with the new Samsung Galaxy On8.

The company has several models like the Galaxy C9 in the works and it could be coming with more announcements. The Samsung Galaxy On8 arrives with a reputation to live up to, as the current generation Galaxy On models have been extremely successful. They have built a reputation as being value for money proposition and it is likely to be true of the Samsung Galaxy On8 as well.

Galaxy On8

The Samsung Galaxy On8 offers a 5.5-inch screen with Super AMOLED technology. This would be a strong selling point of the product given that it is a major upgrade over the phones, which have LCD technology, in the similar price range. The punchy panel has its own legion of fans who have been attracted to the incredible contrast issues and saturation offered. The fact that this display manages 1080p resolution is a great positive. Those who come from the high-end devices may complain about the lack of a QHD screen, but this screen has more than enough pixel density to not be an issue.

One of the big disadvantages of a mid-range smartphone is the lack of processing punch. The presence of a processor with eight cores and 1.6 GHz of clock speed is likely to ensure that the Samsung Galaxy On8 is well catered in this department. Samsung has not unveiled any details about the make of the processor, but given the price range and the higher output of the processor, it is likely to be the in-house Exynos chipsets. The Exynos 7870 Octa found on the Samsung Galaxy J7 has been a major factor in the significant battery life of the device. It would not be surprising to see this processor feature on the Samsung Galaxy On8.

Samsung Galaxy On8

Battery life is expected to be quite good on the device given that it has 3300 mAh battery.

Aided by 3 GB of RAM, the phone is expected to be quite powerful even under tough working conditions. The presence of 16 GB of on-board storage may be the only issue with the phone. Offering a 13-megapixel camera with f/1.9 in the rear, this phone will be capable of excellent shots when called upon. Weighing in at just 169 g, the phone comes in a beautiful form factor that has become a feature of recent Samsung smartphones.

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