PS4 Gets A Bunch of New Game Titles, New PS Vita Games Revealed Too


Sony has launched a list of new games for the PS4 platform.

Surprisingly, they have also launched some for the handheld PS Vita console.

For people who own the console, this is good news. A new set of titles will definitely keep things going until the big launches slated for the end of the year. Sony has officially announced the release date for the Kerbal Space Program. The game is slated to get launched on July 12th. The physics based flight simulator is one of the most popular games of the season which lands in the Playstation 4 console, after delayed release dates.

The publishers have not confirmed the pricing of the simulator yet. The developers of the game Squad confirmed that they have worked so much on the controls and the design used in the game. They have worked to change the gameplay so that it properly matches the Playstation 4 console. Besides, the graphics of the title has also been revamped so that it is on par with latest generation releases.

“You will definitely find it extremely fun to fly your vessel in the Kerbal Space program. The triggers and the sticks on the controller has been utilized to the core to give players complete control over their ships. One can even do some advanced flips and maneuver their spacecraft in a way they like to,” a message posted from the development team.

PS Vita

The list of games coming to the PS4 console include Adrift, Arcade Archives Gradius II, Assault Suit Leynos, Daydreamer: Awakened Edition, Dex, Ghostbusters, Last Wings, Resident Evil 5, Song of the Deep, Super Mutant Alien Assault, and Videoball. A list of new titles are getting launched for the PS Vita handheld console as well including the Type Rider, Panda Run, Last Wings among others.

With such a collection, Sony has offered interesting new additions for the PS4 and the PS Vita consoles. Most opined that they have completely given up on the handheld console. While the PS Vita does have potential, it didn’t give developers a solid reason to release new titles. Sony doesn’t have plans to refresh the Vita with a new handheld because of the surge of smartphones.

Nintendo is leading the race with its 3DS console. The company’s leaked documents suggest they might introduce a new handheld which will be part of the home console NX. No announcements are made so far.

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