Shaky Beginnings for Pokemon Go – Major Hiccups Due to Server Overloads

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is experiencing major hiccups due to server instability, though the game got on to a roaring start.

Ripping Charts

Pokemon Go has generally got on to a roaring start, ripping charts in the United States. It ranks #1 among the top free games as well as the top grossers in the App Store. It has also reached the #1 slot in Top Free games and New Free games on the Play Store as well. The game has achieved this roaring success within a matter of 48 hours of being rolled out.

Major Hiccup

However, the game’s astounding popularity has also caused some server problems. It has caught on with all players in the social media, who are now involved in catching the Pidgeys and the Magikarp. However, this has led to server instability with the result that many players were kicked off the server. The developers have responded to this problem with their Twitter statement thanking all players for their patience. They are working on fixing the issues related to the server and promise to roll out the game to many more countries as soon as possible.

Pokemon Go Major Hiccups Due to Server Overloads

Wildly Popular

You will probably soon be dragged into this wildly popular game. However, the game is only available in America now. The global spread of the game has been arrested temporarily due to the server problems. Many US players have noticed the error page showing them that the server is temporarily down. The game is now live in the US and in Australia as well as New Zealand. According to John Hanke, the CEO of Niantic, the expansion to other countries has been paused and will be continued when they are in a more comfortable position.

Frustrated Players

The game is obviously a huge hit, but it is this factor that has caused the overloading of the servers in the first days of the launch. Many players are now not able to play and catch Pokemon. Such type of stress is nothing new in online games. You can see from the number of players who have vented their frustrations on Twitter that the game is catching on like wildfire. According to Hanke, the server problem will soon be resolved and the game will have a positive run. The weekend can prove to be a real tester for the game, as larger numbers of players will try to get on to the new game. The server is already shaky and this could mean that it might reach the breaking point.

The Risks and the Possibilities

The question now is whether this type of frenzied playing will have a positive or negative impact on the success of the game. If the servers become stable soon, there will not be much damage. However, players of mobile games generally don’t have much patience if the servers don’t work for some time. At the same time, the game has a very good concept and it is clearly successful. All it needs is a good, solid early stronghold in the mobile gaming market.

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