PS4 Neo Confirmed, More Details Expected In September

PS4 Neo

Sony is tight lipped about their new PS4 Neo console but inside sources have confirmed that the company is indeed working on a new gaming console.

The new hardware is not the Playstation 5 but rather an upgrade for the existing console just like the Xbox One. If confirmed, the PS4 Neo will be able to run 4K videos seamlessly and support HDR which will make a huge difference in gaming. Microsoft was quite proactive in this regards. The brand took to stage at E3 2016 and announced not just the Xbox One S console but also the Xbox Scorpio which is the next generation machine.

According to two different gaming blogs, Sony is going to talk about PS4.5 or the Neo in the month of September. The time delay is obvious but the team may have used it to decide on the types of features they should bundle with the console upgrade. After all, it would be unwise to lose the competition towards the end of the console era. Sony enjoyed solid success with their PS4 console. While the Xbox One is close by in terms of sales, it was hindered by lots of reviews and some business decisions the company made.

Playstation 4 Neo

Microsoft is in a whole new direction at the moment. They have simply removed the term exclusives and is going to launch every last one of them on PC, except for Halo series. Meanwhile, Sony is going to go the usual way. The new PS4 Neo console will be used to broadcast 4K video, movies, HDR and will have slightly better hardware.

Rumors claimed that that the new console will be able to play most games in full HD 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second. Many recent games including Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and Call of Duty series ran in 720p resolution or sometimes had to compromise on graphics fidelity. The updated console should have no such issues.

Besides, PS4.5 or the PS4 Neo will be sold alongside the PS4 console but will have a higher price tag. Games will continue to be made available on both platforms. There will be no discrimination in this part. However, once PS5 is announced probably in the E3 2017 event, PS4 will slowly fade out quickly because PS4 Neo would be the most preferred console by then.

Sony hasn’t confirmed a public release date yet but we can be sure that it will be in the following months in line with the upcoming holidays.

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