PS4 Pro Cannot Render True 4K, Microsoft Executive Says

ps4 pro true 4k

The comparison game has just begun as a Microsoft executive who has a role to play in the Xbox division has spoken up.

The PS4 Pro has about 4.2 teraflops of graphical power which is not enough to render true 4K gaming.

ps4 pro

Albert Penello, a Microsoft executive made the comment when sharing his views on Sony’s PS4 Pro console. Speaking to a leading gaming magazine, he said, “With just 4.2 teraflops of graphical power, it is not possible to deliver true 4K. I feel that there are a lot of caveats on the console that customers have to put up with. While the company does market 4K as their proposed resolution, there are a lot of asterisks.”

He added that when the team started working on building the new Xbox Scorpio console, the entire crew spoke to game developers and coders. “We decided the teraflops, bandwidth and the console based on what game engineers wanted. The numbers were decided because it is essential for them to achieve true 4K,” said Penello.

In another interview, Shannon Loftis, Microsoft Studios general manager said that all Xbox Scorpio games will be rendered in native 4k. Sony on the other hand stated that they are going to allow games to be upscaled from 1080p resolution to 4K. An important point that should be considered here is that the PS4 Pro console is not the direct competitor for Xbox Scorpio.

Sony will announce PS5 which is what the Scorpio is going to go against and we will have a clear idea only when the competition is on an equal scale. Penello, when questioned whether Sony has been marketing it all wrong said that he had no reason to accuse the company as they have already listed the caveats around delivering 4K gaming.

“We feel that when the Xbox Scorpio is out, our console will not have these caveats because we are offering 6 teraflops of power and working closely with engineers to push gaming to the next level. I just think that it is tough to make such a statement about the PS4 Pro because it is trying to offer 4K resolution but with a lot of asterisks. Our box won’t have them,” Penello concluded.

ps4 pro true 4k

The entire console generation has undergone a major change as this is probably the first time Microsoft and Sony had to talk about a new machine in less than three years since the Xbox One and PS4. A rumor claimed that consoles may soon be hybrid just like PCs with swappable components.

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