PS4 Pro Features may not Work with All Games, Here’s the List

PS4 Pro Features

Sony’s new PS4 Pro console is going to make a lot of titles look better but not all AAA games are on the list.

Here’s a complete coverage of the games that are about to receive the 4K, HDR treatment while some that don’t.

ps4 pro

In the recent livestream event that took place in New York, Sony showcased some of the best games that will take full advantage of the hardware processing power that the PS4 Pro console could provide. While games will not be natively designed at 4K resolution, they will be upscaled to the high resolution along with additional graphical upgrades, better frame rates and other improvements. Irrespective of the resolution you choose, these titles are supposed to look their best.

Some of the games that are already out in the market will be enhanced using the PS4 Pro hardware and new software updates. Other titles that are yet to hit the stores will be optimized right out of the box to offer a high quality experience. There is no detailed explanation of how each game will make use of the extra processing power.

A pretty old yet amazing title, Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor will get the Pro treatment. The game will run at full HD 1080p resolution but will have super sampling anti-aliasing. With great RPG elements and an amazing combat system inspired by Batman games, the Shadow of Mordor is a great pick. Paragon, the new MOBA inspired by Dota and League of Legends will run on the PS4 Pro at 1080p resolution with enhanced visuals, complex scene rendering, dynamic reflection, procedural ground cover and improved texture fidelity.

In other words, Paragon will look like playing the game in Ultra settings on a high end PC with the best possible graphics. The Witness is an upcoming title that is made to look best on 4K displays. While the gameplay will be limited to 1440p on the PS4 Pro which is much higher than the usual 900p on the PS4, menu, UI and text will be displayed at native 4K resolution for great visuals. The game is expected to constantly run at 60 frames per second without any compromise.

PS4 Pro Features

A lot of games including Battlefield 1, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare are yet to receive the update. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt and Destiny will not receive any specific PS4 Pro updates. Other titles might join the list if Sony finds them incompatible with their new hardware.

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