PS4 Pro Will Stop Players From Going To PC: Playstation Boss


A bold statement comes from the Playstation stable, as the division’s head Andrew House confidently claimed that PS4 Pro will stop players from going to PC to experience high quality gaming.

Microsoft was quite wacky when the Playstation event took place. Sony launched the PS4 Slim and the Pro consoles with minor changes. HDR was the biggest change even though they later announced that it will be available on all consoles through a software update. Microsoft mocked them for making a console that wouldn’t play 4K blurays.


Things have changed in this console generation. PC gaming has always been superior in many aspects because of it being an open platform. The recent years witnessed companies like Nvidia, AMD and Asus releasing components that are extremely affordable but offer top class performance. Graphic cards grew heights that forced both Microsoft and Sony to refresh their consoles within three years, instead of the usual six-year cycle.

Amidst this chaos, House said that he has been going through the data that suggested that there is a huge dip in console sales during its mid-life. People want to play better games with improved graphics, more features on their platform and choose to migrate to PC to achieve it.

“We are aware of these data and with the new PS4 Pro, we can ensure that those gamers stay within our ecosystem. The graphical improvement offered by the console will be phenomenal and it will cope up with the changing technology. The Playstation 4 Pro console is one of a kind machine. The PS4 processor and graphics card is very primitive compared to what PCs offer today. We have bridged the gap with this new hardware launch,” said House.

According to the company, the PS4 Pro console has 4.2 teraflops of GPU power, supports 4K videos and uses HDR to improve graphical fidelity of every game. Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox Scorpio console aims to allow players to experience true 4K gaming at 60 frames per second. It is supposed to be immensely powerful but more details on the same can be confirmed only during E3 2017 next year.


PC gamers continue to enjoy a lot of features like the ability to change graphics card any time, add components like SSDs, enjoy multiple controller support and cheap games through Steam, Humble Bundle. PS4 and Xbox One may not be able to adopt them all but making consoles hybrid is the right way to go at the moment.

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