Samsung Poised to Drop the Flat Screen for the Galaxy S8

Galaxy S8

Samsung recently made a drastic change with the release of the Galaxy Note 7 by dropping the flat display in favor of a curved screen.

With the company known for its use of the Galaxy Note series to introduce new hardware and upgrades, it has been speculated that Samsung Galaxy S8 could take the same direction as the Note 7 and S7 Edge.


This move could even see the South Korean tech giant entirely ditch the flat screen display panel in favor of the curved dual-edge design that has seen such huge success over the recent years. However, this should only remain true for its flagship devices, which will be led by next year’s Samsung Galaxy S8.

Now, new reports are coming in essentially confirming that Samsung Galaxy S8 will indeed come with a curved screen. This is the same story that came out last month, with the company’s Koh Dong-jin claiming that the company is still stuck on whether or not to introduce the edge screen on its entire Galaxy S series. While at the time he did not mention anything related to the Galaxy S8, latest reports are pointing to this extremely early date for this drastic change.

This decision could have been spurred by the fact that the Edge variant has been recording much better sales as compared to the flat screen model. But still, it’s a risky move by Samsung since there are an awful lot of other people out there that haven’t come to terms with the curved dual-edge screen’s functionality.


Earlier this year, Samsung showcased a 5.5-inch curved dual-edge screen with 4K resolution – a display panel that was purported to be of the Galaxy S8 Edge. However, it seems the smaller version will receive a similar treat, something similar to the Galaxy S6 Edge. In short, Samsung could still offer the Galaxy S8 in two screen variants of 5.1 inches and 5.5 inches, but this time both will feature the dual-edge panels.

As much as Samsung faces the potential of losing a huge chunk of its current customers with this move, the chances of landing newer ones are also high, especially if more functionality is added to the unique Edge screen.

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