PS4 and PS3 To Get HBO Now Apps In The Near Future


After a long wait, HBO Now apps are finally about to land on the PS4 and the PS3 consoles.

Sony announced the same but is yet to reveal an actual date for the apps to be made available.


While HBO and Sony didn’t announce the release date, the apps will be rolled out on the Playstation 4 and Playstation 3 platforms before the big premiere of WestWorld. HBO is betting big on this new series that should probably be the new Game of Thrones with a huge cast, investment and a storyline which we assume would be a hit based on how well it unveils itself.

The particular show is set to air on October 2nd. Based on this information, we can easily deduce that the launch will take place before the end of this month. PlaystationVue, Sony’s own cable television network will soon receive a significant upgrade. When Westworld launches, people using the Vue box will be able to use the apps and enjoy the series as it airs. They have to pay an additional cost of $15 per month to gain access to these channels.

If you are planning to subscribe to both HBO and Cinemax channels, you would pay a total of $30 every month. However, the service comes with value added add-ons as the same login credentials can be used to view the HBO Go, Max Go and HBO Now apps on any device of your choice.

Microsoft has been way ahead of Sony when it comes to acquiring deals with the top television channel and bringing it to their consoles. Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles received the apps in the month of April this year. It has taken nearly a year for Sony to strike the deal to bring them to the PS4, PS3 consoles. A similar situation prevailed with the HBO Go app which got launched in Xbox One in 2014 November while Playstation 4 console received it in the month of March the following year.


Most top television companies do try to support older generation consoles like the Xbox 360 and PS3. However, ESPN has already dropped out of the platform while HBO Go may do the same as Microsoft is already moving towards the next generation console like the Scorpio. Entertainment has always been a priority for Xbox systems that was slammed by gamers for not focusing on games during launch.

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